Based at the foot of the Mournes in Newcastle Co Down, we at Once upon a Dandelion are a husband and wife team, Philip and Lisa Lawlor. Working from home here in Newcastle we have an abundance of natural beauty surrounding us, inspiring us every day, in both Lisa’s designs and Philip’s wooden creations. We combine both traditional screen printing methods and hand finished detailing on our wood frames.
Both our love of The Mournes and one of our favourites, John Muir, have inspired our own well known Mournes range of quotes and pictures.


There is enough negativity in the world!

We believe in the power of words, the influence that positive and encouraging words can have on all of us at any age and the effect they can have when we use them with others. We want to inspire and encourage, invoke laughter and fond memories as well as promote equality for all. With that in mind, we choose our quotes carefully and thoughtfully for both our wood signs and digital prints.

The quotes we choose range from our very own Once upon a Dandelion originals to literary classics such as Jane Austen, Lucy Maud Montgomery and Lewis Carroll, Philosophers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau and naturalists such as John Muir.

It all started with a dandelion!

Why Once upon a Dandelion? About 5 years ago now, a bed had broken and the bed slats were too good to get rid of.  Philip came up with the genius plan of making them into a wood canvas and Lisa painted her very first picture on reclaimed wood, a dandelion that hung pride of place in our living room for about 3 years before we even thought of setting up our business.

daisies world map
We are all daisies

Our artwork reflects our belief that all people are equal, regardless of their country of birth, religion or race.  This has been the basis of our ‘We are all…’ range of world and Ireland maps.

For every one of our ‘We are all daisies’ world map that we sell, whether a painted piece, a digital print or a greeting card, we give a donation to the amazing charity Moas who have saved the lives of thousands of desperate refugees feeing for their lives.  To learn more about them and their work go to www.moas.eu 

Made with love!

Philip sources all of our wood locally, using reclaimed where possible and ethically forested at all other times.  He lovingly (even adds a heart to each with the glue!) hand makes each of our wood frames.